Introducing the Miracle Moringa Tree

A single serving of Moringa leaf tea can fulfil up to:

  • 22% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C
  • 41% of your daily requirement of Potassium
  • 61% of your daily requirement of Magnesium
  • 71% of your daily requirement of Iron

And most astoundingly, 272% of your daily requirement of Vitamin A! Being able to provide all of these immensely important vitamins and minerals, coupled with the fact that it contains 9 of the body’s essential Amino Acids, makes Moringa leaf tea a truly exceptional herbal drink.

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April 18, 2015

How to choose the perfect tea

Tea is well known as a comforting remedy to an assortment of ailments, but not sure which tea to drink with which ailment? We’ve got you covered!

  • If you are looking to lower bad cholesterol, promote healthy cell growth, drink something which is high in antioxidants, and relax at the same time - Green Tea is your best bet!
  • If you are needing help regulating blood sugar levels and lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes, look no further than classic Black Tea.

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9 things you didn't Know About Tea

Tea has many uses beyond the beverage realm. Read on to be inspired by its plethora of uses!

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How to make a London Fog (Earl Grey) Latte

Our Earl Grey selection is fit for a king – from our zesty Mr Grey, to our loose leaftea bag and premium options, right down to our rooibos varietal.

But rising in popularity at Starbucks and similar is the London Fog latte, which is a super simple retake of a classic favourite.

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Green Gold

So December has come and gone and if you feel anything like me, then its time for a detox to get your chakra back on track. So you’ve probably heard about the magical elixir that is green tea. Its jam packed with super amounts of anti-oxidants, vitamins and general uber goodness that has gym bunnies and health conscious folk alike talking.

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Kusmi Tea launch at Melrose Arch

The launch of Kusmi Tea in South Africa was held at The Tea Merchant store in Melrose Arch (Johannesburg) and was hosted by Phillip Tobiansky, Belinda Tobiansky and Carin Silberman. The launch was officiated by Her Excellency, Elisabeth Barbier, Ambassador of France.

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October 10, 2014

Cast Iron Teapot ›

New cast iron teapots to brighten up your summer!

We have just received some amazing new cast iron teapots, full of color and joy! Here's a sample of some of the new teapots, lots of exciting items to get your Christmas shopping done early!


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