First Flush Darjeeling: A True Delight

Many people are familiar with the musky spiciness of Darjeeling with its floral aroma, however a lesser known fact (and perhaps best kept secret) is that of ‘First Flush’ Darjeeling. Just as many plants go through periods of growth followed by dormancy, ‘First Flush’ is a term used to describe the first harvest of a tea after Spring growth (between late February and mid-April in the Northern Hemisphere). Such leaves radiate essential oils and delicate flavour, and are truly a treat to behold.
We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers this rare pleasure, as most tea traders auction the available crop thanks to its incredible leaf and flavour.
First Flush Darjeeling is characterized by a light and bright brew with flavour which is brisk on the palette. You could call it the fairest of them all – given that its second brew siblings are far darker in complexion. The leaves are greenish in colour due to incomplete oxidation, giving the tea more of an Oolong character.
The muscatel flavour which Darjeeling is known for will dance on your tongue in the lively First Flush manner – the very best combination of unique weather, topography and plant type. And the dance is as quick as the sale, as the demand for First Flush tea far surpasses supply.
The length of the brew will determine whether the tea has a lighter, fruitier flavour or a far more commanding flavour. Best enjoyed without milk, this special find will woo you and your guests, and no doubt win your hearts in one spritely sip.
Nico Basson
Nico Basson