Tea in the spotlight: Rooibos Shangri La

Shangri La was first described in James Hilton’s 1933 novel – Lost Horizon. It has since become synonymous with Orient exoticism and a mythical utopia.

Isolate yourself from the outside world when you curl up with your iPad and a cup of Rooibos Shangri La. In addition to the Rooibos base (which has a cult following not only in South Africa but the world around), this blend includes ginger, apple, cassia, coconut and almond bits which lend it a mild ginger flavour with a touch of sweet coco-cinnamon. It also has cardamom and black pepper in it to unfold the other flavours.

It’s no coincidence that the residents of Shangri La are almost immortal, aging at a slower rate. Similarly, rooibos has long purported health benefits thanks to its high level of antioxidants and phenolic compounds, lack of caffeine, and low tannin level it contains.

Play up the oriental intrigue when you brew Rooibos Shangri La in this red, 300ml Cast Iron Teapot with infuserand drift away to an exotic place.

Nico Basson
Nico Basson