9 things you didn't Know About Tea

Tea has many uses beyond the beverage realm. Read on to be inspired by its plethora of uses!

  1. In excess of three billion cups of tea are consumed every day! That’s billion with a B!
  2. Camellia Sinesis is the ingredient of all authentic tea (black, white, oolong and green). It is in actual fact the oxidation, processing a number of other factors which determine what they ‘become’. Other kinds of teas (which are not strictly true tea such as South African favourite rooibos and herbal teas are in actual fact tisanes. Tisanes are made from an infusion of herbs and spices and typically won’t contain caffeine.
  3. Tea bags are thought to have been invented by accident! A tea merchant sent samples to his customers in silk bags, who in turn thought that the bag replaced infusers so were brewed whole.
  4. Tea leaves are in fact an excellent anti-inflammatory for bug bites and burns. They ease itching and bring down swelling.
  5. Forget the cucumber and use tea bags for puffy eyes! Place a tea bag on each eye for 20 minutes. The tannins in tea can also help if you suffer from dark circles under your eyes.
  6. Tea is an excellent addition to the compost heap. They are a nitrogen-rich component in the compost, which serves to balance out the carbon-rich materials. Not only is this a green way of disposing tea bags, it promotes earth worms and increases oxygen levels in your garden’s soil! Just remember that often the actual bag often won’t be made of decomposable materials, so to be safe, cut them open and sprinkle the tea in – alternatively – dry with one whole tea bag and then check up on it at a later stage.
  7. Tea bags can be applied to sun burn! A useful piece of knowledge here in sunny South Africa.
  8. Would you believe that you can clean wooded furniture with tea? Simply dip a rag into cooled tea water, rub on the wood and then pat dry with a clean cloth!
  9. Remove refrigerator odours by placing a tea bag on a plate in your fridge.

Nico Basson
Nico Basson