Introducing the Miracle Moringa Tree

Everyone here at The Tea Merchant is incredibly passionate about tea – it’s why we began importing only the finest teas to South Africa all those years ago. Therefore, we’re exceedingly proud and eager to announce the latest addition to our herbal tea range: Moringa Loose Leaf tea.

 Our pursuit to find the best possible teas for our customers led us to our distant neighbours in Ghana, where the amazingly beneficial Moringa tree was found. Not only is the fresh flavour of this tea appealing to all palates, but it’s also one of the most beneficial teas we’ve ever provided.


An Incredible Range of Health Benefits

We were just as shocked as you’ll soon be when we discovered the awesome health benefits this desert tree has to offer. Not only is it one of the best sources of energy you’ll ever find, but it also alleviates anxiety and depression. It doesn’t stop there, though!

 Other exciting benefits include:

  • Improving and lengthening REM sleep
  • Evening out blood sugar levels
  • Quicker recovery from strenuous workouts and exercise
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved moods
  • Enriched digestive functions

We think it’s about time you say goodbye to grim energy drinks and ineffective health supplements and say hello to the rich benefits of Moringa leaf tea.


Packed with Nutrients

The extraordinary qualities of this tea just don’t seem to end, especially not when you consider that a single serving can fulfil up to 125% of your daily calcium needs! This phenomenal tea contains over 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants, which is far more than you’ll find in most teas or health supplements on the market.

 A single serving of Moringa leaf tea can fulfil up to:

  • 22% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C
  • 41% of your daily requirement of Potassium
  • 61% of your daily requirement of Magnesium
  • 71% of your daily requirement of Iron

And most astoundingly, 272% of your daily requirement of Vitamin A! Being able to provide all of these immensely important vitamins and minerals, coupled with the fact that it contains 9 of the body’s essential Amino Acids, makes Moringa leaf tea a truly exceptional herbal drink.


The Finer Details

Moringa leaves come from the Moringa tree, a plant which is just as amazing as the benefits it provides. Found to thrive mostly in sandy and dry conditions, the Moringa tree is a very hardy and fast-growing specimen used by traditional peoples for thousands of years.

While we specifically import our Moringa leaf from exceptional growers in Ghana, the Moringa tree can be found across large parts of the rest of Africa, not to mention India, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Used in traditional healing recipes for centuries, the health benefits of this tree certainly didn’t go unnoticed by Africa’s early societies, who used the roots, seeds and leaves to create healing ointments and teas for the sick.


Come Say Hello!

The best way to experience the unique flavour and benefits of this incredible tea is to come down to your nearest Tea Merchant store and talk to one of our friendly shop assistants. They know everything there is to know about our tea (sometimes even more) and would be more than happy to introduce you to Moringa leaf, or even help you find something else. With an impressive range of teas to choose from, both in-store and online, we’re sure you’ll find a tea perfectly suited to you.

Natalie Scott
Natalie Scott