Why should I use loose leaf tea?

South Africans have become accustomed to brewing tea a certain way, particularly through the use of tea bags. However, trends throughout Western Europe and the United States leans towards using loose leaf (whole tea) leaves. So, are we missing something?

Loose leaf tea offers a taste experience like no other through exceptional quality!
Compared to coffee; its like comparing chicory instant blend to freshly brewed beans. South Africans are slowly starting to appreciate tea for its quality in a similar manner. When you buy loose leaf tea, you're getting whole, loose leaves with all of their essential oils intact. By comparison, the leaves that go into tea bags are leaf by products and tea dust left over during the processing and picking of the tea leaves. The dry leaf fragments and tea dust placed into tea bags lack the essential oils found in the whole leaves and tend to be of vastly inferior quality compared to loose leaf teas.


Flavour you say? You've come to the right place.
Because you're getting the full leaf along with the essential oils when you purchase loose leaf tea, in most cases you're going to have superior flavor compared to tea bags. Don't believe us? Well why don't you try for yourself and let your taste buds decide. Brew a cup of loose leaf tea and in another cup tea prepared from a traditional tea bag. In most cases you'll end up choosing loose leaf tea, unless you're using tea bags with loose leaf tea in like our gourmet tea bags. Be sure to use fresh tea leaves when preparing your cup of tea since tea leaves tend to loose some of their flavor and health benefits after six months.

Mmmmh, it seems a little pricy though?
Decent quality tea bags that can be purchased in a supermarket will cost you anything up to R1 for a single cup. On average 7.5g of loose leaf tea will be used to prepare 500ml of tea, which can be re steeped between 2-3 times depending on the tea. Thats roughly R5 to R8 for anything between 1-1.5L of tea.


So why do so many people still tend to prefer using tea bags? Traditionally its been a combination of convenience and tea appreciation. The Tea Merchant has slowly been building a community of tea lovers over the last 3 years and we're slowly turning our followers into tea connoisseurs. Convenience? We've introduced a combination of single serving tea steeping devices which are great for the office or for when you're on the run. Simply place a tea spoon of leaves into the unit and allow to steep for the required time. Friends coming over and you would like to impress? No Problem! We have tea pots, cups and accessories that will truly impress them.


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Nico Basson
Nico Basson