So whats The Tea Merchant all about?

Combining the correct presentation, serving equipment, accessories and tea, THE TEA MERCHANT is able to provide customised solutions to the hospitality industry. The unique product offerings with exclusive designs enable the discerning tea drinker to experience teas in the manner in which they were designed to be drunk. Our travels have taken us far and wide in order for us to source a unique collection of Teapots in Glass, Porcelain, Clay, Stainless Steel and Cast iron each chosen for their special use and colour presentation.

We take special care to ensure that the quality of our products meets our high expectation. All our cast iron teapots are internally enameled for easy hygienic cleaning. Our glass teapots have stainless steel spout filters where required. Our wide range of teapots and accessories will suit any décor or table setting. Our range of borresilic and stainless steel teapots are versatile and hardwearing.

We source only the finest teas including our organic Gourmet Range from Flower teas to Green tea, Jasmine, Pu-er, Black and White tea and much more. Our range of stand up silken teabags in the Gourmet Range is superb. These teas are also available in a loose tea range in flavours like Blueberry White, White Ginger Pear, Rooibos Vanilla, Sensha Green and many more. We source only the finest teas from Flower to Green, Jasmine, Pu-er, Black tea, Fruit teas from Europe and much more. We specialize in Gourment tea. 

Come and experience our incredible and unique range and be part of the ultimate Tea experience. THE TEA MERCHANT caters for the hospitality industry, restaurants, beauty spas as well as providing a gifting option for our customers. All items are specially selected and packaged to provide something different and memorable for every person. THE TEA MERCHANT will provide you with a world-class experience and we will be happy to assist in any way possible.

Nico Basson
Nico Basson