The Tea Newbie Series: Part 2: Rooibos

We all know there are few pleasures as delightful as a calming cup of rooibos tea. Not only is this unique plant proudly South African (found only in the Cederberg Mountains), it is also excellent for digestion, skin sensitivity and boosting the immune system. It’s low tannin content means that it doesn’t inhibit the absorption of iron as black tea does. Furthermore it contains no caffeine, colourants, additives or preservatives.

So how exactly was this gem discovered? Some three hundred years ago, Cederberg inhabitants realized that hammering and then fermenting endemic rooibos leaves made for a delicious drink. Dutch settlers took note and started drinking Rooibos as a cheaper alternative to European tea.

Fancy a new take on South Africa’s beloved brew? Why not try out our vanilla variant or pret a por  – an organic loose leaf rooibos with hibiscus and berry bits.

Rooibos is steeped for approximately 7 minutes ideally in a borosilicate tea pot (because of the  finer infuser) – however rooibos does not over steep like some other tea variants so by all means brew to your own taste. Enjoy the vibrant red colour from a glass tea cup for the ultimate rooibos rush.

Nico Basson
Nico Basson