The Tea Newbie Series: Part 4: Fruit Tea

Fruit teas are made from combinations of grated and then dried fruits, and some also include herbs and spices. They often retain the health benefits of their original fruity form, whilst proving a warmer comfort. Don’t be fooled - the sweeter flavour of the tea comes from the natural sugars from the fruit and not added sugar, making this an incredibly healthy option whose taste is deceivingly delicious!

Undoubtedly the best part of fruit tea is being able to enjoy the flavours of your favourite fruit from your favourite tea cup with all the added detoxifying benefits! So hop on over to our fruit tea selection – you are sure to love blends which contain your personal best! Plus, names like John Lemon and Mango Tango will make you chuckle.

Brewing can be up to ten minutes and usually requires boiling water. Why not try out our glass tea pots to brew your tropical infusion? 

Nico Basson
Nico Basson