Tea Newbie Series: Part 5: White Tea

White tea (which, one brewed, is in fact pale yellow) is reported to have became revered during China's Song Dynasty (960-1279) thanks to it being favoured by the royal court. Historically it was harvested in China but of late is also grown in Taiwan, India, Thailand and Nepal. Produced without any rolling or roasting, it is believed to have been one of China’s earliest tea variant.

White tea is in actual fact a natural killer of bacteria and viruses, helping your body’s immune system. Furthermore, it is great for your pearly whites! The small amounts of fluoride assist in keeping your teeth strong and healthy.

Have you discovered you like the light and lovely flavour of white tea? Why not try out our blueberry white for a blissful berry twist? 

Steep time varies between white teas but are often done to taste! 

Nico Basson
Nico Basson