What a fantastic and heart-warming 10 weeks we have had, in line with the launch of our Big 5 tea blends. In case you missed it, we decided to celebrate the launch of our new range of tea’s, by giving our loyal followers the chance to win their own selection! Over the course of October 2017 to January 2018, we ran 5 competitions showcasing our new range of Big 5 teas.

Our campaign culminated in a grand draw for our final winner, and this was open to anyone who had entered any of our Big 5 competitions over the 10 weeks. We are thrilled to confirm that Amor Jacobs is our grand winner, and has won a R1500 voucher for The Tea Merchant. Another massive congratulations, Amor!


A very big thank you to all who entered during our campaign. We loved reading your creative entries, and enjoyed every story shared. 


Below is a little snippet on each of the tea’s we shared over the 10 weeks!


Heart of Africa

Heart of Africa is the ultimate romantic, with dark chocolate stars and white chocolate rasps, sending your taste buds into a magical dream world. With a flavor combination of roasted almonds, hints of chocolate and rooibos tea, this new blend is packed with all the delightful ingredients of a Tiramisu Truffle. It’s no wonder that this tea has stolen the Heart of Africa.


African Sunset

African Sunset is big on flavour, with notes of tangerine and ginger to create a vibrant vitality tonic. The citrus peels awaken the senses with rejuvenating energy, which is perfectly complemented by the fruity additions of apple, pear and fig. This beautiful new tea is rich in amber colour, just like the hues of orange and gold in our magnificent African sunset.


African Safari

Rich and flavourful with a touch of mint, African Safari is a semi-fermented tea, packed with delicious aromas of mint extract, Erica leaves, field horsetail, aniseed, green mate and rosemary leaves. Best known as the Golden Detox, African Safari has a blend of oolong and green mate, providing energy and vigor with every sip.


African Sky

A beautifully organic and fully fermented black tea. African Sky is unique in it’s blend, as it is prepared by infusing the processed whole tea leaves in hot water, which essentially steams the tea leaves. Also known as Black Sencha, this tea may be enjoyed either hot or cold, and has a smooth taste. Just like the nostalgia of a camp fire under the African Sky, this blend will make you feel truly at home.


Plains of Africa

With subtle peach flavours, this refreshing blend is packed with sunflower blossoms, apple pieces, peach pieces and oolong tea. Also known as ‘white peach’, this blend is best enjoyed whilst gazing across the Plains of Africa.


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Cheryl Borain
Cheryl Borain