Which teas are best suited to use with a glass teapot?

Glass teapots are a must for flowering teas. The clear glass teapots allow the flowering tea to expand and steep, the full visual pleasure being available to all around the table.


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How long should I steep flower tea and whats the best way to store it?

Also known as blooming teas, these teas are hand tied floral arrangements that allow a visual as well as taste experience to be witnessed by all around the table. The most drinkable of all green teas, with numerous claimed health and vitality attributes. Steeping times on flower teas is approximately 3 minutes. Teas ideally should be decanted or drunk after approximately 5 minutes to prevent over steeping and loss of floral flavours. Each flower can be steeped three times or more. To preserve the visual effect of the arrangement flower teas can be placed in glasses once steeped and filled with cold water to be stored as a table decoration!