The Tea Newbie Series: Part 2: Rooibos

Do you love a good cuppa but aren’t familiar with the multitude of tea types, where they come from and how to brew them? This five part Tea Newbie series is for you! Find out all you need to know – in your tea break. 

We all know there are few pleasures as delightful as a calming cup of rooibos tea. Not only is this unique plant proudly South African (found only in the Cederberg Mountains), it is also excellent for digestion, skin sensitivity and boosting the immune system. 

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Does tea have the same amount of caffeine as coffee?

We often have a lot of folks, who are worried about their daily caffeine intake, asking us this question. So here it is, short and sweet:


Green tea, as well as Oolong tea & Black tea, are produced from the herb Camellia Sinensis. They all contain the same amount of caffeine. Caffeine content in a cup of tea is 2.5% to 4%, which is about a third of that in coffee. It is claimed that 80% of the caffeine in tea remains unabsorbed by the human body. From the above you would realise that Green tea, Oolong tea & Black tea may taste different but the caffeine content is the same.


Until next time, happy tea drinking!