October 10, 2014

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New cast iron teapots to brighten up your summer!

We have just received some amazing new cast iron teapots, full of color and joy! Here's a sample of some of the new teapots, lots of exciting items to get your Christmas shopping done early!


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Tea in the spotlight: Rooibos Shangri La

Shangri La was first described in James Hilton’s 1933 novel – Lost Horizon. It has since become synonymous with Orient exoticism and a mythical utopia.

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So whats The Tea Merchant all about?

Combining the correct presentation, serving equipment, accessories and tea, THE TEA MERCHANT is able to provide customised solutions to the hospitality industry. The unique product offerings with exclusive designs enable the discerning tea drinker to experience teas in the manner in which they were designed to be drunk. Our travels have taken us far and wide in order for us to source a unique collection of Teapots in Glass, Porcelain, Clay, Stainless Steel and Cast iron each chosen for their special use and colour presentation.

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What's the best way to take care of my cast iron teapot?

Caring for a cast iron teapot is very simple. Similar to the Yixing teapots, soap should not be used to clean an iron teapot. After rinsing the tetsubin cast iron teapot thoroughly with water, it should be wiped dry with a clean cloth. This cleaning method will allow the seasoned mineral coating to remain intact and protect the iron in the teapot walls from oxidizing.


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Which Tea should I use with a cast iron teapot?

Each of our tetsubins has been enamelled on the inside and the quality of which conforms to various testing authorities specifications. As enamelled tetsubins they are known as 'kyusa' and are used for loose-leaf teas as well as herbal infusions and fresh herb teas. Each tetsubin teapot comes with a stainless mesh infuser to perfectly steep your loose leaf tea. Many tea enthusiasts claim the tea brewed in the cast iron Tetsubin teapot tastes better than tea brewed in any other teapot! Never use detergents to wash your cast iron teapots as this will have a negative effect on the taste of your tea, simply rinse with hot water. Enjoy!