The Tea Newbie Series: Part 2: Rooibos

Do you love a good cuppa but aren’t familiar with the multitude of tea types, where they come from and how to brew them? This five part Tea Newbie series is for you! Find out all you need to know – in your tea break. 

We all know there are few pleasures as delightful as a calming cup of rooibos tea. Not only is this unique plant proudly South African (found only in the Cederberg Mountains), it is also excellent for digestion, skin sensitivity and boosting the immune system. 

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Why choose whole leaf tea bags?

Whole leaf tea bags are a convenient way to prepare tea for every day consumption without the need for special equipment and accessories that are required to prepare loose leaf tea.


The tea contained in whole leaf tea bags is identical to loose leaf tea. High quality teas are packed into tea bags containing between 1.7 to 2 grams of tea suitable for a small teapot of approximately 300ml half filled with water. More than one tea bag can be added to larger teapots to ensure that the full flavour of the tea is present. Over steeping of the tea can be prevented by the removal of the tea bag from the teapot or alternately the cup.


All the tea bags sold by The Tea Merchant have been specially selected to ensure that an exceptionally high quality tea is packed into a cloth tea bag. The cloth is either a lightweight silk or a modern fabric produced specifically for tea bags. These cloth tea bags have not been bleached and do not contain chemical residues similar to those of bleached tea bags.


Whole leaf tea bags are distinctly different to the normal commercially available tea bags, where the contents have been ground down to an almost powdery consistency to facilitate machine packing of the tea bag. Each tea bag is presented in a sealed airtight package to ensure absolute freshness of the tea.


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