Trend Alert: Tea & Food Pairing. You have to try it!

For hundreds of years, food has been famously paired with cold beverages such as wine, beer and champagne, and as technology and time have progressed, our sophisticated pallets have been exposed to loads of delicious new combinations… Think about some of the classics, like rich red meat dishes paired full-bodied red wine, or fresh fish and vegetarian dishes paired with fruity blends of white wine. Nowadays, we even see the pairing of lighter Spanish red wines with fish, and heavier Italian and French white wines with richer meals such as curry. We seem to have broadened our horizons when it comes to food pairing, but have you ever tried pairing foods with different tea blends?

The art of tea pairing is still an evolving concept for most Westernised cultures, and offers us an exciting opportunity to try new flavours and combinations, in order to find our
favourites. The right blend of tea can significantly enhance the taste of your meal and add to your overall dining experience, but this can also go horribly wrong when pairing tea blends with incompatible food types.

We’ve put together five delicious tea pairing combinations, for you to try at home:

Green Tea
If you’re a fan of earthy, vegetarian dishes like salads, mild green curries and light chicken
dishes, the green tea variants are the ones you want to stick with. Green tea also pairs
fabulously with fresh fruit, so make sure to follow your main course with a side of fresh fruit
dessert and a new blend of green tea.

Oolong Tea
These tea blends are a little more tricky as they can vary in flavor, but in general, they tend
to have a more smokey complex. For a delicious food combination, pair oolong tea with
smoked cheeses and meats, herby dishes, white chocolate and even fresh fruits like
oranges, strawberries and melon.

Black Tea
Black tea has robust flavours and pairs well with rich, flavoursome food like roast beef,
lamb and venison. Black tea also pairs well with hearty pasta dishes like lasagna, so next
time you’re hosting some friends for a dinner party, mix it up by switching the wine for
black tea, and create a whole new experience for your guests!

White Tea
This blend is tea is very light and unassuming, and is therefore best paired with light fresh
dishes such as white fish, mild cheeses and dairy-based desserts. Although subtle, these
dishes will best bring out the beautiful aromas of white tea. Be sure to avoid pairing white
teas with richer foods, as this will completely overpower the taste of the tea.

Fruit & Scented Tea
Perhaps the most unconventional of the all tea blends, fruity and scented teas allow us to
have a bit of pairing fun! Fruit flavoured teas are perfect to pair with complex desserts,
cakes and dark chocolate. Scented teas like Earl Grey also pair very well with spicy meat
dishes, that have hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. Give this a try next time you prepare a
beef moussaka or chicken curry.

Have you tried any unique tea pairings? If so, we’d love to hear about them!
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Joanne Wolfaardt
Joanne Wolfaardt