QDO Range

Qdo is pursuing its own path with the courage to stand out from the crowd. Every single product is packaged in a way that describes the story behind the design. Qdo is passionate about function, quality, design, innovative & fun to use that fully reveal themselves on the shop shelves. Qdo is for everyone for whom the world is not just black and white.
QDO Birdie tea canister
QDO Birdie tea canister from R 200.00
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QDO Dancing leaf infuser
QDO Dancing leaf infuser from R 390.00
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QDO Hot and Cool Pitcher - 1.2L
QDO Hot and Cool Pitcher - 1.2L R 450.00
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QDO Silicone tea thermometer
QDO Silicone tea thermometer R 75.00
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QDO Silly Thermal Cups - set of 2
QDO Silly Thermal Cups - set of 2 R 230.00 R 300.00
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Stainless Steel Teaspoon Infuser
Stainless Steel Teaspoon Infuser R 325.00
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