Queen of PE

Dancing Butterflies: Apple Pieces, Yellow Sugar Butterflies, Caramel Cubes, Roasted Buckwheat, Aloe Vera Chunks, Mullein Flowers, Cinnamon Flowers, Flavourants


For all caramel lovers, this tea will leave you wanting more. Featuring creamy caramel and roasted buckwheat, with a hint of mint. The yellow sugar butterflies add extra sweetness to this caramel blend.

Direction for use:

Measure the liquid content of your ice tea maker. Divide the above amount by two to ascertain grams per litre, e.g. 15g per 500ml, or 30g per litres. Place the tea into the infuser of the tea maker. Fill the tea maker halfway with boiling water. If sweetener is required, please add now. Allow the tea 15 minutes for complete infusion. Remove the infuser and fill the ice tea maker with ice. Sip and enjoy.

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